How a Crow Builds a Nest

I have no photo for today’s thought, as it seems that crows are quite secretive about selecting nesting materials.

How a Crow Builds a Nest

Practice a little stealth as you approach,
Pretend you’re passing by and
You might catch a crow
in the act of snatching a branch

For the ideal crow’s nest.
Twigs make a certain snap

When picked by parent crows: soft, crisp.
Barely budding but leafless trees
Give clear view of the pruning.
Yet, let crows see you watching,

Nonchalantly they fly to a different perch;
All construction ceases.

Some memories are like these birds.
I sense them, try to hold them, they fly off:
Furtive fowls of past.
The heart makes a certain snap:

A numb, shallow echo; when gleaning
The sprigs it needs for home.