Hello world!

I have a short commute to work most days, only three miles, not much to see.  Twentieth century homes line the streets. It’s a nice place where kids are laughing in the school yard and people walk their dogs or jog in the street.  Gardens and trees are city-style with few exceptions.

The roads are laid out in a grid consistent with the compass, north-south and east-west. Blocks are short.  This provides for dozens if not hundreds (you can do the math but I’m not going to) options for how to travel  – left here, right there, forward. Yet I rarely vary my route.  I ride my bike, it takes the same turn as if on a rail track, day after day. Hard to reason if you understand my yen for travel, for change, and for new things to stimulate my brain.

But, despite the familiarity of the path, there’s something new and entertaining each day. Admittedly, some days I notice; others I’m just head down not noticing much. Then there are the days I do choose a different route. And so is life for me. Full of mundane moments one day, fabulous little details in the same place the next, or completely off track another.

 This blog cannot promise perfect grammar or punctuation, exciting new ideas or deep insights. It’s simply a challenge for me, writing about the world as I see it. I’m no smarter or dumber or crazier than you. But I do know only I see what I see and this is where you can read about that.


What do you think? I'd love to know

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