No Fooling

I know it’s been quite a while since my last post…not even a photo on One Shot Wednesday to keep my few followers appeased. I’ve lots of excuses but really only one reason: my verbal muse, like me, is nomadic at heart. Unlike me, she comes and goes as she pleases. Sometimes disappearing without a word. Sometime back in February she left for unknown destinations with no warning. But she’s been sending me postcards. I’m told that she’s returning. I’m to expect her on April 8th.

So, in anticipation of her return, I’ve returned to these pages for a brief hello: a warm-up of sorts.

In my absence, I’ve been experiencing life and thinking. a lot.  I have  great plans to put some of those thoughts stridently into words. And if words don’t materialize, I’ll be posting more pictures. I have a new camera and I’ve been having fun seeing things through its lens.

As an analogy for my return to blogging: spring. With spring so many changes, lots of dramatic weather, clouds to collect, blossoms to smell. So to celebrate spring, in the northern hemisphere and my psyche, I’ll post a few pictures while we wait for Calliope and the words to return.


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