Earth Day Photos

I found this marble at the base of the oldest apple tree in the Pacific Northwest, located at historic Fort Vancouver. The old tree is surrounded by chain-link fence and bark dust. It is bent, twisted, and in need of protection from being loved to death, yet still a beauty. I’d stopped to take note of its blossoms, wondering what surprises I  might find among the sepals of such a heritage tree.

The tree was lovely but the real treasure revealed at the site was the lost marble lying amid the bark dust.

I played with it for a while, put it in a few different settings. In each, the marble seems a good metaphor for the earth.  I apologize that I didn’t notice the dirt specks on the marble during the shoot. Perhaps you can work them into your analogy for the earth…after all, we’ve left her dirty with our debris, have we not? Here are a few favorites:


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