Today, my friends, a poem. The first line of this poem came to me in a dream many years ago. It’s taken a while to rework the rest of the poem to my satisfaction and find the right illustration. Many thanks to talented photographer, Tammi Miller, who in sharing her photo last week, inspired me to go ahead and post this text. It’s a bit on the serious side but I hope you like it.


Delirious for a moment
I needed to go behind
the towering shadows,
to face the vertigo of truth.

Amid that vision
stood a grand spruce forest
at the edge of the sea,
I sought the windward stand,
ancient and obscured,
tormented by Pacific winds
(the bent and twisted home of elves).

For that instant I craved the Aeolian brace,
wings stretched for honest answers.
There, among my doubts
I saw things, felt everything, knew it all.
The sun set,
I returned home, certain of just a little.

Dusk today
Evokes memories of the grove,
awash in rolling downpours;
I recall how those dwelling within
grew frantic in the squall,
how I left aching and asking:
“Can I shake death?
Is there light beyond winter’s bitter order;
must the storm leave me shattered?”

But still,
I watch as the wind
makes off with the shards of reality;
veiling the answers I sought
in gusts of power and peace,
as it always does.


What do you think? I'd love to know

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