Where I Find Hope

Riding home from work on Friday afternoon I sat at a quiet side-street intersection waiting for a stoplight to turn green.  My peaceful wait, watching the birds on the street trees, was suddenly interrupted by a blast from a car horn, followed immediately by some verbal abuse. I was minding my business AND obeying the vehicle code as it applies to cyclists, yet here was an impatient fellow, wanting to pass me illegally and being rather rude about it. I’m fortunate that most of my daily interactions are with pleasant and thoughtful people, still this fellow and his trunk full of aggression rattled me deeply. Saddened me.

But, it’s Portland and a city full of community-minded people. So, I don’t have to look hard or travel far to have my faith in humans restored. There’s nothing like some art to revive my good spirits, and nothing like a community art project produced by kids to restore my hope for humanity. I do after all thrive on optimism and devour idealism for dessert. And what a delectable treat this mural was to discover.

Mural posted at the corner of NE MLK Blvd and NE Fremont, Portland, Oregon

Even better, this quote on the informational poster next to the mural:

“I knew everything when I was born. I knew in my heart ways to take care of the world. Now, I can draw those ways.”  ~K.S. age 5

Keep on drawing K.S., your art is already making a difference, reminding me that what most of us hold in our hearts is a desire to live in a better world; one where we look out for each other and for the planet. I couldn’t hope for more.


6 thoughts on “Where I Find Hope

  1. I wonder why some people are so rude to cyclists who are doing the right thing? It seems to be a world wide problem.
    I do like your way of bouncing back though! 🙂

    • I know what you mean, I just don’t understand rudeness in general. Everyone just needs to relax and slow down a bit (even some cyclists). Fortunately, there are many drivers who are polite and courteous so they help balance things out too.

  2. I’m sorry you had that experience with another human, but I’m glad it bought about the other experience. I’ve probably driven by that mural 1000’s of times and never “knew” about it, noticed it, or appreciated it. Thanks for passing it on, next time I’m PDX I will check it out.

    • Well life is about ups and downs, and contrasts: life and death for example. Sometimes it’s hard to really appreciate one without the other. This mural is right where NE Fremont dead ends at MLK. There’s another eye-catching mural/billboard that’s more commercial but still nice that you’ll see first, but look lower and there’s a small parklet with this authentic work of art.

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