The Life That Washes Ashore

I was once a fish in water. I swam daily, played in the water any chance I got. I was even a certified life guard and scuba diver. But, as with many things we do when we’re younger, my aquatic ways slipped as I was pulled towards other, in this case, terrestrial things. Still, as I think back to my murky underwater memories it’s crystal clear that I have very little  understanding of what lies under the surface.  Once in a while the ocean gives us just a hint of the world beneath the waves.  It tosses remnants of broken shells, bones, even the occasional whale carcass, ashore. Even less often it tosses us something living to ponder, such as a whole world of barnacles placed on a sea shell, bits of kelp, and I’m sure many microscopic organisms in the saline film washed onto the beach.


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