Lavender Days

Do you know what an anosmic is? It’s someone who’s lost their sense of smell; I am one. It’s been over a decade, maybe near 20 years since my sense of smell faded to nothing. Hold a skunk under my nose, go ahead, I won’t care.  Fart in my presence all you want, I won’t care.  Limburger cheese? Bring it on. I remember smells. I can recall the smell of coffee, fresh bread, mint, and rain. Ah, the smell of rain! So, when you talk about those things in conversation, I can relate. But, there are quite a few smells I did not know well prior to becoming anosmic. Lavender is one of those scents. I just can’t imagine it. Still I love lavender. Once upon a time, I dreamt of a having lavender farm.  During that dream I planted a host of lavender varieties in my garden. One by one they grew old and were replaced with edible plants. Dreams die hard though, and I still cultivate a couple of plants and wait for the moment in summer when they bloom into a dark rich violet. As the solstice dawns the lavender days begin. A treat, for the sighted and the smelling. Welcome summer.


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