Pink is Hot

Pink. Generally, you love it or you hate it.

As a pre-teen tomboy I hated it, rebelled against the stereotyped softness of girls in cotton candy colors. Lately, however,  I’ve grown rather fond of it. A pink bike helmet saved my life so there’s a strong positive association with the color now. I’ve taken to riding a pink bike and wearing more pink clothes. But, typically I still shy away from pink flowers. Nice, but not my preference for floral decor.

With summer in full swing though, it is hard to ignore the influence of pink in the garden. The day lily of hot pink petals and chocolate stamens just about tackled me and begged for a picture. The  English tea rose and Japanese anemone were more subtle but posed with equal photogenic ease. All three expressing pink in their own way, just as I’ve learned to do,  through the hot days of summer.


One thought on “Pink is Hot

  1. I can identify with your aversion to pink during teen years! Now I like pink, but I like it ‘hot’. The deeper and more intense the ‘hot pink’, the more I like it!

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