A different kind of beauty

The sculpted sandstone at Ruckle Provincial Park presented an opportunity to practice a little bouldering.

As I was moving around the rock, I peered into a hollow and was slightly horrified. The surge of emotion was not from weak rock, or poor hand holds, but was instead due to a brutal side of nature that stopped me dead in my tracks. I felt a bit like I was rubbernecking at the scene of a horrific accident. The sight was an amazing spider’s nest. I know not what species of spider, nor how large or venomous it is. I can tell you that it makes a very effective trap that is associated with its nest.

Two cream-colored orbs (egg sacs) hung from filament in the opening in the rock; all around a matrix of web. Within the web various insects, including a large dragonfly. While I was at first aghast, my ultimate reaction is wonder.

So rather than share a classically beautiful photos of flowers and landscape, today,  I share with you a different kind of beauty. Nature is not always gentle, kind, humane, or easy to understand. That unknown can create fascination and appreciation, a  form of beauty, and serves as a reminder that the world is full of strange and mysterious creatures.

What do you think? I'd love to know

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