One Shot Wednesday

I know that floral photo books advise you to make sure that there aren’t any bugs in your flower photos. But, I don’t like that advice.  I love the story the bug tells by being there. Just as I love the shadows in this photo almost more than the brilliant color of the stamens, or the slight sparkle of the petals, or the pink hue (that hazy sky again).  After all, I’m not taking photos for a catalog. I am documenting what’s happening in my world; telling the story of what I see and  like. And I like bugs and shadows. Here’s hoping you like them too!


8 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday

  1. I think the insects give the flowers added life!
    I went photographing plants the other day, and did a few ‘from the back’ photos (as per one of your recent posts). It was great!

  2. Hey, what a coincidence! An acquaintance of mine has these flowers growing wild in her yard, and we’ve been wracking the internet (and flower books) trying to figure out what they are. Do you have any idea??

      • Thanks so much!

        (I stumbled on your blog a couple of weeks ago, and thought, finally – a travel blog that’s about the trip in all its meanings. I really enjoy your writing, and have been lurking around, getting caught up.)

      • Wow, thanks for all of those kind words. I know only some of my “travel blog” is about travel…unless of course you mean that in the broader sense, that is, life’s journey. Thank you so much for reading…and lurking.

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