Xerces Society

Now here’s a first.

I don’t think I’ve ever promoted an organization and certainly not a product, on my blog.

But, the Xerces Society is one of my favorite conservation organizations. They’re not well know like the Sierra Club or Audubon Society. And their focus is not charismatic mega-fauna  but instead is insects. If you love the wonders of nature, you love insects, and know their value. This organization is working hard to protect and conserve species and their habitat all over the planet.

Bazaar, beautiful, and always fascinating, insects are great macro-photography subjects.  If you’ve ever tried to photograph them, you know that they can be challenging subjects too.  So, you can appreciate the photos in this fund-raising calendar.

So, here’s a little plug for a great organization and their lovely calendar (wouldn’t it make a nice holiday gift?).  Join me  in supporting the important work of the Xerces Society: their entomologists, their conservation programs, and their outreach and education programs. At the same time you’re supporting them, you can marvel at these amazing photographs of these amazing insects – that’s a lot of amazing.



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