Fall Chinook in Battle Creek, CA

I missed my usual Wednesday photo entry yesterday. This time, I”m not sure what kept me from my task – lack of planning, the distraction of knitting, computer problems. Or, maybe I should just blame work. Truth is I have several long posts on which I’m working, and since I didn’t make time to work on them, I didn’t do anything.

But, today, a small window of time opened and into it flew some photos from my last trip. One of the longer posts I want to do is on fish hatcheries. Fish, fishing, fish habitat have figured prominently in my life so I thought I’d share a little snippet from that post. Many of the photos from that story really aren’t interesting without the text to explain them. But, this photo is one I like for its abstract quality.  Water, fish, air, all roiling in fantastic colors and forms. It’s a scene I can imagine transforming into myriad other artistic media – block print, watercolor, pastel, collage – but instead, I’ll just share the photo.


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