Two Bridges

Since I’m frequently around rivers, I’m frequently around bridges. On the back roads old bridges add flair to a journey like homemade whipped cream on pumpkin pie. The contrast of architecture and nature, along with the passing of time make old bridges ever more interesting. Graffiti, rust, weathered wood, and vacated routes are like wrinkles and gray hairs. To me a sign of maturity, a right of passage, a mark of beauty gracing the human intrusion.  Too,  oxidation and decay are just nature’s way of reminding us that not only are we a part of nature, but the things we build are just temporary bridges between the tame and untamed.


5 thoughts on “Two Bridges

  1. I too have a thing about bridges. There is always a story with them – why were they built, who did the work, what conditions did they endure while building etc. I have a particular fascination for railway bridges because I like locomotives, especially the old ones.

  2. I came here via Sharon at A Leaf in Springtime- lucky me.

    I was especially taken with this “Bridges” piece. I live in Pittsburgh, a city that has more bridges than any other city in the world. And most of them are old and showing amazing weathering, rust, and the imbedded grime of the old days of the steel mills. I ride a mountain bike with my son along the rivers and have seen glorious examples of these aging bridges.

    Anyhow, this is a great blog and i’m now happily following you.


    • Thanks Tom,
      Pittsburgh must have quite a few bridges! Portland, besides being called the Rose City is also called Bridgetown by many locals. We’re at the confluence of two large rivers – Columbia and Willamette – so we too have cycling paths similar to what you describe in your hometown. If you ever come to Portland with your son, you should plan a ride here so the two of you can compare Portland and Pittsburgh’s bridges.

      Thanks for the follow! It’s wonderful to know that my ramblings are enjoyable to others.

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