One Shot Wednesday

Barb Fall 2012 620ceAgain on the banks of a river. More accurately, on the banks of two rivers: the confluence of the Sandy River and the Columbia River.

The delta of the Sandy proves ideal for a stroll on a cool fall day. Clouds part and if it weren’t for the bare branches of cottonwoods (Populus trichocarpa), ash, (Fraxinus latifolia), and willow (salix spp.) you’d not guess about the thick wool sweater I wear and the rain gear in my day pack. For we call these sun breaks “sucker holes.”

These fall days are brewed by cold unstable air rolling off of the Pacific Ocean and they do deliver hard rain. But, between the showers bright skies beckon you outdoors. You oblige, and find yourself miles from home when the next deluge hits: SUCKER!


4 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday

    • True, you wouldn’t guess that rain showers followed soon after. But that’s often the nature of the weather we get in the Pacific NW. The weather forecasters call them popcorn clouds (although they are really cumulus clouds) as these fronts when still over the Pacific Ocean look like spilled popcorn. Often large gaps between the clouds create beautiful scenes like this post.

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