Freezing Fog

I’m a weather watcher. Although not as severely affected as Mr. Mudlips, I still love reading weather maps, visiting web cams and Doppler radar sites, as well as looking for signs of change told by the clouds and wind patterns. I generally don’t listen to the TV or radio forecasts but instead consult the weather app on my phone, noting the temperature, humidity, dew point,  barometric pressure, and of course the satellite images.

This morning when I looked at the data, it appeared that we had a cold foggy morning in store. And indeed, once the sun rose, my suspicion was confirmed. Cold and gray. But, no clouds or precipitation were showing up on the radar so when I started noticing frozen precipitation, I knew that it was primarily freezing fog – the temp, relative humidity, dew point, and size of the flakes confirmed that. This is not a common condition in Portland, some areas around Portland, yes, but in town, not so much.  We get occasional snow and freezing rain, fog, frost, but visible freezing fog is unusual.

So, as the sky dropped its dandruffy fog flakes it was out the back door I bounded, with camera in hand. Barb Winter 2013 008awI was thrilled to see that the crystals falling this morning were all long and delicate and more exciting – they weren’t melting! They started to accumulate on the cool surfaces in the yard: leaves, branches,  yard art.

Barb Winter 2013 003cw

Barb Winter 2013 001aw

Barb Winter 2013 019aw

Just a dusting. Just a little kiss of fog for all of the plants and birds (and weather watchers) out in the early morning light. Just delightful.


3 thoughts on “Freezing Fog

  1. How amazing! I did not know there was such a thing as a ‘fog flake’, but there they are in your photos 🙂 We have lots of winter fogs, but perhaps it does not get cold enough to freeze the moisture (thank heavens!).

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