Reflections on a Foggy Day

Barb Winter 2013 025The weather pattern that set us up for the freezing fog I wrote about in my last post is sticking around.  Cold air and fog are expected to persist for a few more days. One reason it’s still cold and foggy is that the winds have been nearly non-existent. So while it’s cold and damp, we don’t have wind chill adding to the snap in the air. The calmness also means that water is still and with the diffused light of the fog colors are strong and reflections are sharp.

I took a stroll at Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge and have lots to share! But today, just a couple of foggy day reflections.

Barb Winter 2013 064

Barb Winter 2013 063

Barb Winter 2013 031


4 thoughts on “Reflections on a Foggy Day

  1. Mmmmn…. (that’s the sound of me thinking about this:-) )
    I do like that second photo but I also like the first. It is mostly reflection, which is why I think it is a bit different. You have captured some lovely things here, I need to be more observant and look a bit closer at my surroundings.
    I don’t envy you the foggy cold though. We had a very hot day today (42C, 108F), but I would rather that than the winter anytime!!!!

    • Whoa, I’d much rather cycle to work when it’s -3C (like this morning) than 42C. How can you even function at that temperature?

      I do like noticing details, partly because that’s what I do, but also because I don’t have the camera equipment to capture wildlife images (too far away). Whatever the reason, I’m glad it got you thinking, and maybe looking, differently.
      Stay cool!

    • I’m SO glad you like that one. It is my favorite of the series too. That’s the murky Tualatin River under the branch; the photo was taken from a viewing platform 10-15 feet above the water. It’s kind of an interesting perspective and abstract result. Thanks for stopping by!

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