Finally a little Frost

Much of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing a pretty hard winter. Just read about the cold temperatures in Maine on Return of the Modern Philosopher’s site! Brr! Darn Thermometers! Here in the Pacific Northwest winter has been lagging a bit. Our first frost only hit recently. During our little holiday from the usually wet winter season sub-freezing temperatures and clear skies stymied the molds, exposed the Moon-Jupiter conjunction, and laid down some frost.

With less mold on the rampage, my allergies subsided; such great news as I was able to stretch my KleenX budget and spend the saved pennies on hot toddies. It was a treat seeing the winter night sky too, a nearly unheard of sighting in Cascadia winters.  I’m happy to report that Orion is in repose, as he should be this time of year. Best of all was the frost. Since I haven’t seen frost for more than a year I was awestruck by the masterpieces. Alas, the rain has returned but I have my memories…and photos of a colder, drier time. Here are a few favorite fleeting frostworks photos (couldn’t resist the alliteration):

Barb Winter 2013 245a

Barb Winter 2013 209 Barb Winter 2013 231 Barb Winter 2013 191 Barb Winter 2013 195


6 thoughts on “Finally a little Frost

  1. Ugh, I’m so bored with the drab, dribbling wetness up here in WA; not even a proper rainstorm, which would at least be fun to listen to. I’m like you, as soon as we had a frosty morning I dashed out into it. I’m really missing that layer of icy whiteness in the mornings.

    That spider web is fantastic!

  2. Some warming news, here ‘downunder’ we are looking forward to a cooler weekend (95F!) – it has been a lovely hot summery week.
    These photos are exquisite. The spider web is especially lovely!
    Stay warm!

    • Whew! Sub-zero in the NE US and boiling in Australia. There are some advantages to living away from extremes. We get lots of rain, but we’re not the most extreme with that either. Anyway, enjoy your “cooler” weekend! Perhaps a bike ride to tour the scorched open spaces? Or is there more brick laying to do? Either way, have a good weekend!

    • I’ve really been enjoying your blog, so mentioning it was no bother; a little something to warm your soul while the super wolves are howling. Now, just pull that yak-lined toga up over your head and take a long winter nap while you wait for the wind to subside.

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