One for Wednesday

Barb Winter 2013 357

I’m a seriously monogamous gal. I’m that way inherently but Mr. Mudlips gives me few, few, reasons to even think of straying. But as loyal and trustworthy as I am, I do develop crushes now and then.

Now, it’s not what you think. It’s not the hot guy at the rock gym (what hot guy?) or the local cycling champ that has caught my fancy. No, no. My crush is far more innocent and takes the form of a Townsend’s Warbler.

I can’t help it. He’s a regular in my yard. He visits daily( actually constantly) sampling just about every tidbit I’ve put out: suet, seed, and fruit.  With his bright plumage and lively habits he’s hard to miss. He’s definitely flyin’ solo but like Mr. Mudlips,  he’s a sociable-full-of-life guy.  He doesn’t mind sharing with others birds; mixes right in with the finches, bushtits, chickadees, and Song Sparrows. I like that. Did I mention he eats a lot (like Mr. Mudlips). He rarely  holds still and most of his activity revolves around food. Wow, those two have way too much in common.  I stare, stalk, and generally go birdo* when Mr. T. shows up and Mr. Mudlips is quite understanding. I guess he’s a bit birdo too and  knows my crush will move on in spring.

* “Birdo” is a noun in Australia where it is another term for bird-watcher. In the tradition of my American linguistic fore-sisters, I’m usurping the term, turning it into a verb, and looking forward to the day it’s officially entered into Webster’s.


3 thoughts on “One for Wednesday

  1. It’s lovely that you have such a delightful visitor. I am enjoy the tiny Superb Wrens that we have in our yard, but not being an avid birdo, I don’t know them as well as you know Mr T!!

    • Oh yes , those Euro Robins are quite endearimg, I also have a thing fir the Pied Wagtails. But being in the Mojave Desert, this week Im gaga fir the Rock Wrens. Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading.,

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