A Birthday Wish

I’ve written before about my fabulous cousin. One of the things I love about her is her unbridled enthusiasm for things she likes. And she likes nature so I especially enjoy talking about animals, plants, and wild places with her. I’m told she especially likes seeing quail when she visits her home state of California. I do too, They remind me of happy childhood times in the oak-madrone hills. They’d visit our yard wandering across the dichondra that was our front lawn. They are cheerful, colorful birds with attractive patterns in their plumage  But, it’s the noises that make that will charm you first. Their calls -ke-kee-ke, ke-kee-ke – can be heard from the chaparral. If you flush them, the whir of their wings will drum right into your heart.  Today, with quail on my mind,my heart is drumming with birthday wishes for my dear cousin. May the coming year be filled with the cheer, warmth,and charm, of the quail.

quail collage


4 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish

  1. Oh Barb! Thanks for the wonderful thoughts on my birthday. Such memories we share together. The thought of gentle quail are like music for my heart and soul. I look forward to a year ahead filled with new things to share together with you.

  2. I fondly remember seeing covey of quail when your cousin was in vet school in Pullman. They are so entertaining to watch run. Your cousin will love your blog today. She has to work at her clinic on her birthday. I’ll remind her to read your blog after she gets home and enjoys the “Toms Chocolate Cake” that I’m attempting to make from scratch this morning. I better get baking!

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