Six inches of rain

Welcome to the desert.

With an average of only six inches of rain a year, you may not expect much life in this place. But, you’d be wrong.

Life flourishes in its own way in the sere and dusty Sonoran desert. I’m not saying it’s easy for life here. Things live but they also die – like life everywhere else, eh?

Why is it though, that images of dead things are quintessentially desert? Images of twisted trees and sun-bleached bones, dusty parched substrate and dry riverbeds are representative of desert scenes in movies, cartoons, and today on my blog.

blair valley playa

playa bed

But look closely, and you’ll see signs of life. The woodpecker’s holes in a snag of a tree, the scrappy low-growing perennials on the playa’s pan, and ravens. Lots of ravens.

blair valley treeplaya bed2



6 thoughts on “Six inches of rain

    • It is an interesting and captivating place; extreme environments are full of fascinating organisms. While the quantity of biomass can’t compare to the NW woods or the tropics it’s still a very rich and diverse biome.

    • Thank you Sharon,
      It’s nice to have you back. I so appreciate that you read and comment on my posts. Life has been good; seems it’s getting better all of the time. I really enjoyed your post about Penang and look forward to reading more of your posts too.

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