One for Wednesday


It happens to me quite a bit. I have that feeling; I’m in just the right place at the right time. I see an old friend or a unique bird behavior or a ray of light at dusk that turns shrubs to flame. When that happens  I try to take pause to marvel over my good fortune.

While I do prescribe to the belief that there’s plenty of wonder to go around if you just take a moment to look for it, those moments happen most frequently for me when I’m traveling and outdoors. My last trip to the desert is so full of those moments that I’ve been living a bit in the past; living in the memories of what a perfect life felt like during 9 days of desert trekking.

It’s taken hard work, patience, and time, for my life at home to begin revealing wonder-moments. So, as I practice finding the right place and time at home, I review my photos, share them, and my thoughts with you, reliving the splendor, dreaming of future journeys; essentially not minding the present.

Be warned, I don’t think I’m done righting myself quite yet.


9 thoughts on “One for Wednesday

  1. I can so readily identify with this feeling of supreme happiness. For a few precious moments, everything is just perfect and it feels so special to be given an opportunity to revel in something truly unique.
    What a wonderful capture – that glimpse of nature’s magic that is only there for a few moments and then it is gone.

  2. Wow. That is a beautiful photo of a burning bush. Lots of symbolism there. You leading Joel out of the desert comes to mind.

  3. Hello Barb,
    How essentially wonderful to have memories and those rare beautiful moments to go back to. How tragic if we could not nourish ourselves from such moments, even if from the past. I believe beauty should spill over and reach out intermingling past and present and future.

    Enjoy those moments. And let us enjoy them with you.

    Nature is so life giving that when we return to daily life, it takes quite a while to readjust. I know I’ve been there and when I returned, the sight of a microwave is so jarring.

    p.s. I love that flaming shrub!

    • Sharon,
      Your statement about the microwave is quite true.Modern contraptions and responsibilities are jarring after being so at ease in the wild.Thank you for understanding

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