One For Wednesday 3-20-13

fern and rake

Despite a forecast of rain, Mr. Mudlips scheduled a delivery of 10 yards of top soil for today, our day off. The truck arrived early, while we were eating breakfast. So, as we cleaned our plates and finished our coffee a large, rich pile of soil filled half of the street, waiting, waiting for us to descend with shovels and wheelbarrow.

It was our good fortune that the rain was waiting too.  The clouds above were still just scattered as we moved that pile load by load into the yard. As the barrow delivered loads of soil to our various garden beds I was able to inspect the garden for signs of spring. Daffodils are blooming, and so is the peach tree. The lovage and rhubarb are bursting out of the ground boasting succulent shoots, the Pacific ninebark is showing green tips on its rustic branches. The ferns are celebrating the end of winter with new fronds, some still clasped in curls others unfurled, bright and shiny. And now the rain begins.


4 thoughts on “One For Wednesday 3-20-13

  1. Mmmm, I love a day of hauling dirt around! Nothing like the feel of beautiful rich soil.

    Still too wet to do that up here, unfortunately, and my gardening nerves are starting to twitch. Argh.

    • Well, it’s wet here too but Mr Mudlips’ gardening twitch got the better of him so we’ve jumped in anyway. Perhaps a little weeding can tide you over ’til the soil dries a wee bit.

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