On the Equinox

DSC_0107 (2)

Before the daffodils bud, before the rhubarb rises, even before the cherry blossoms blush, the hellebore blooms preside in the garden.  Green on green and lovely with their nodding buds and blooms.  Today, they’re dancing on the wind, doing a lil’ dosado to welcome the other flowers. Me, I’ve a smirk on my face as I know that we’ve many months to go before the warm days of summer. Many moons will pass before I leave the house without a sweater or a rain coat. But for the next quarter, life will come bursting forth with such zeal that I might just forget I’ve ever seen such an awakening before. So, I too will celebrate with the hellebores, do a little dance in the wind – a jig perhaps – and welcome the spring.


7 thoughts on “On the Equinox

  1. We are still some time aways from anything green budding but this shot plus your happy welcome to Spring ignited a little jig in my spirit this morning Barb 😀 I love to think of you doing a little dance in the wind. We just celebrated the Persian New Year Naw Ruz on the first day of Spring. How appropriate! I wish you the beginning of all things new! Love, Sharon

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