I’ve a new wish.

For some time, my wish has been to be a bird, or the winner of the Giro d’Italia.  Why have small dreams when you can live in a fantasy world and dream of becoming anything at all!  In the words of a friend’s toddler:

“1, 2, a 123!
I’m a girl!
And I can do anything!
And besides,
I won’t letcha down! Uh!”

That’s right, in my head I believe I can do anything. In reality, not so true.

Today though, I had a realization as a new wish occurred to me: I want to be a time-lapse camera. I realized that IS something I can do. What I have in mind is sitting for a day and watching the landscape. Noticing the shadows as they come and go and the clouds as they build and dissipate. I’d sit very still, all by myself, stare in one direction and let the day unfold: somewhere in the desert. Something like this.

What do you dream of; what would you become?



5 thoughts on “I’ve a new wish.

  1. “Why have small dreams when you can live in a fantasy world and dream of becoming anything at all!” Great question!

    I guess my dream would be that I wish I could be water and just go with the flow even with rocks. I just flow right around it while hugging the rock in that moment. That would be my dream which can come true, even if only metaphorically.

    • Oh my, that’s a beautiful wish. I do think I may have been water before, and a horse. Still, imagine the experience of being a liquid! And vapor! And ice! Yes, I think you’re onto something with this wish of yours!

      • I didn’t even think about all of that but you’re right. Constant transformation. That would be dope.

  2. Wishing wells are in short supply here in Portland, we’re more of a fountain kind of town, so no chance of well disasters for me. Here’s hoping your dreams come true.

  3. I want to start by saying that I’m glad you didn’t fall into a well when making your wish. Then I’ll add that I spend all my time dreaming of being reunited with my better half…

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