Pine Siskin

spring 2013 017c

No doubt spring is here. Just look at the bright green grass! I know because I watch the birds and usually they tell me the season is changing. Last fall, for example, my bird feeder was overwhelmed by a voracious flock of Pine Siskins.  This goldfinch-family bird is quite diminutive and easy on the eye but wow, can they consume food. That huge flock was in my neighborhood just a few weeks then it flit off to where ever siskins flit in the winter. Now,  they’ve returned.  The flock isn’t quite as large but these tiny birds are still a joy to watch.


5 thoughts on “Pine Siskin

  1. What an unusually coloured bird – it is quite distinctive. Hard to imagine that something so small is such a voracious eater! But, well, they probably subscribe to the philosophy that if food is available, then tuck in!

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