One for Wednesday 4-3-13

DSC_0081 (2)

If you set your fine Jersey cow out on the lower pasture, the one with the fresh green spring grass, and let her graze a spell; then milk her early in the morning; you should put some of that milk in a mason jar and let it cool. When you’re ready and have a little time to sit, take that jar and shake it, roll it, and shake it some more, until you’re too tired to do any more shaking of that little jar; then hand the jar to your companion and they shake and roll and shake the jar. You should see some pale yellow clumps of fat congealing in the jar. It’s your turn to shake again, and as you do those clumps become lumps, and that lump is BUTTER. It’s the best butter you’ve ever had: sweet and wholesome. Don’t ask my why but this flower reminds me of that butter: all fresh from the dew like the grass your Jersey chewed, but supple and delicious in its pronouncement of spring.


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