For the other Barbara

red current

My dearest of dear friends moved to Northern Ireland a few years ago. Although I hated to see her go, I encouraged the move; it was a bold step in her following her life’s dream. Now that she’s there, she’s doing wonderful work and I’m very proud of her and how she’s faced the challenges so far from home.

But, I do miss her terribly. We shared so much: laughs, cries, inner-most secrets AND a love of nature. Her old home here was planted with a palette of native NW plants. The first to greet you was the red-flowering current.  So I often think of her when I see one blooming. This lovely plant blooms in time to welcome the Rufous Hummingbird back from its winter vacation. It blooms early and profusely, and is a sure sign that the birds are returning, and spring has sprung.

Today, as I write, I think of my dear friend. She’s writing away too; crafting a paper that’s pushed her boundaries. But, soon she’ll finish and come home for a visit. While the currents’ blooms will be set to fruit by the time she gets here, I hope this photo gives her just a little something to look forward to when she arrives.


One thought on “For the other Barbara

  1. Gosh, what a lovely reminder of a friend!
    It is such a beautiful colour too. I have a currant bush but it’s still small and I have not seen any flowers yet. I will look forward to them now!

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