Illuminating Blogger Award

While I write to get words and ideas out of my head, to say a little about how I view the world, and practice working with words; having an audience, and an appreciative audience at that, is motivating and encouraging. There have been days when I didn’t have a brilliant idea (lots of days actually) for a post but I sat down, put thoughts to words anyway because I felt a post was due. Some of those days I’ve surprised myself with something I liked, others I fell flat on my face, but on all of them I learned something.

Then, there’s the feedback and support. I’ve found the readers of my blog nothing but supportive and positive. Having a new “like”, comment, or follower, is a big deal. Each counts for millions to me. So, when one of those comments contains news of an award I swoon with happiness. Up until now, I’ve been a bit shy about accepting awards, but I figure it’s time to get a bit  more in the spirit of the WordPress community and finally acknowledge one.

So, thank you Madaqua of Have You Ever… for the nomination.

The Illuminating Blogger Award comes with a few suggestions for me. These are:

  • Leave a comment on the original award site : done!
  • Share a random fact about yourself:  Horticulture was my first declared major in college.
  • Pass the accolade to a few of the other blogs you enjoy (if you so desire): I may do this in time, but want to ruminate on this a bit…stay tuned. 

AND, speaking of illumination, here’s a sunset photo to illustrate the occasion:



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