Dalles Mountain Ranch – a Photo Essay

Above the Columbia River, at the eastern gate of the Columbia Gorge, sits a ranch. Now, preserved by the state as a park, there’s no question of the hard work that built and maintained generations of a ranching family. Today, it’s one of the placse I can go, both in person and memory, to maintain my sanity. Take a little stroll with me around the rocky  fields and barns; pause at the pond, drink in the views of the Columbia Plateau, and breathe a little deeper.

barn rock detail barns and oregon farm pond pig barn pig barn2 steel barn


5 thoughts on “Dalles Mountain Ranch – a Photo Essay

    • Oh definitely! You can camp at Horsethief Lake, check out the petroglyphs, walk around Horsethief Butte, and head up to The Dalles Mtn Ranch all in one trip. And for a bonus you could visit The Dalles Dam too. The tent sites at the campground are very pleasant, protected from wind and shady, and include meadowlark and owl serenades.

  1. Barb: Thank you for sharing this place. I had not herd of it before. Now I want to go visit soon. It looks beautiful.

    • “Herd”? Is that a pun Dave? To think you admonished Elaine for her misspellings…

      Anyway, you might want to take your mt bike and ride up the road from Hwy 14, a nice climb but, that will give you more time to drink in the scenery. But, do go soon as I think you’d roast in the exposure later this summer.

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