One for Wednesday 5-29-13

birdathon 2013 065a


When you get up early and stroll through the rain-soaked grass on a spring morning, you might get your shoes wet.  In fact, expect to get your socks wet too.  But then you can expect the unexpected, like stumbling upon a native columbine (Aquilegia formosa) blooming, nestled and tangled into the tall damp stalks of grass.  Its bright red and contrasting yellow attract native pollinators, no doubt, and this is the view an approaching bee might see. Symmetry of  sepal and petal draw the eye and the bee to the prized nectar of one, then the next flower; and pollination occurs. Smart plant.


One thought on “One for Wednesday 5-29-13

  1. I have often looked at photos of Columbines – they look like such mathematically perfect flowers. But I have never grown any – I really should try one day! Someone once suggested taking the photo of the back of flowers as well as the front, and now I always do this. If you happen upon any more Columbines, I would be interested to see what the back of the bloom is like too, if you got a chance?
    A lovely post – most enjoyed 🙂

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