Logs on the Wind

Big trees grow on the banks of the Wind River.  They also grow old.  Many of these giants are centuries old; a good guess would 300 years at least.

paradise big tree

For a little scale, that’s a 6’2″ Mr. Mudlips using his wingspan to measure the circumference of the tree – 5.5 spans around for this one.

paradise leaning cedar

But trees are not immortal and as they age they die, lean, and eventually fall across the path of the river. That’s good news for the aquatic critters as the downed wood creates pools, shades the water, and enriches the stream with organic nutrients.

paradise logs7 paradise logs6 paradise logs3 paradise logs

In the campground, trees are cored to test for age and health. When a rotten interior foretells a catastrophic fall for a tree, it’s cut. But, the cycle begins again as the stump nurses seedlings into life.

paradise seedling


4 thoughts on “Logs on the Wind

    • Thanks so much. Old growth forests are indeed amazing places filled by a complex web of life that is giant like these trees and tiny like the mycorrhrizal fungi that help fuel the growth of these trees and many other plants.The trees are large and easy to photography, the fungi are another story.

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