One for Wednesday 8-21-13

takhlak lake gentian

After decades of fire suppression the understories of many National Forests are a bit overgrown.  Thickets of young trees slow or block the progress of anyone attempting to bushwhack through the woods in search of huckleberries. Yet, nature still works to keep some of the trees at bay. Water for example works wonders in halting the encroachment. Though as pond succession occurs the water diminishes and plants do take root and eventually a meadow sits where once water pooled. Before the trees have a chance to take over, water tolerant forbs, grasses, and sedges lend diversity to the meadow. You may not find any huckleberries but you may find a gentian still moist with morning dew, waiting to open its buds when sun reaches over the treetops to its hiding spot.


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