One for Wednesday 9-18-13

Salt Spring 2013 089

I’m a country girl, at heart.  Spending time on a farm, in an orchard, or wandering a country lane is as appealing a pastime for me as wandering in the woods. This time of year the apples and pears are plump ready to pick or wormy and dropping from trees. So, why not stop by for a snack of some worm-spoiled apples and then take a nap in the afternoon sun between rain showers…that’d be most appetizing if you were a deer.  Oh my, how deer do love apples! Although, I must say, I think I could tolerate a worm or two in a crisp apple if the farmer doesn’t mind. And, if I may, I’ll lie in the grass and watch the swallows dart in and out of the barn and dream of someday having my own orchard where Mr. Mudlips spends his day.


2 thoughts on “One for Wednesday 9-18-13

  1. Nice one! Last weekend, we spent some time at the farm and homestead of our son’s respite caregiver. Her father invited us so our son could pet the animals. (The latest photos in the Flickr widget of my main blog are from this trip.) We are also fortunate to live on the edge of the countryside. All and all, such sights you describe aren’t too far away, except for deer. At best, you’d see coyote or porcupines.

    Oh, and nothing wrong with a few worms in an apple, of course.

    • I agree, nothing wrong with a wormy apple. In fact, a heritage apple farmer I met once told me that the scars that apples develop when they heal their skin from damage is good for you – had some special healing qualities in fact. So, while I may pause to avoid eating a worm, I don’t entirely avoid apples that were once worm occupied.

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