Salt Spring 2013 008

That’s not me in the photo, but it’s going to be me very soon…I’m headed out on a solo bike tour and may not have a post for you for a week or two. My timing couldn’t be better, as a solid week of rain kicked off by 25 mph winds and 1-3 inches of rain commenced this weekend.  In fact, if I believe the forecast, I will have to swim to the train that’s taking me to a drier, sunnier California coast.

I plan to travel light and generally let the world come at me as it only can from the seat of a bicycle. I’ll be back though, and I’ll have stories to tell, photos to share, and I’m sure a few new perspectives to ponder. So, if you’ll allow me this brief pause, I promise I’ll deliver more Peregrination ruminations upon my return.

In the famous words of an anonymous quote, “I’ve gone to find myself; if I get back before I return, please ask me to wait here.”


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