One For Wednesday – 10-23-13

garden 033a

No denying it. Fall has struck. Certainly there’s no finer way to view the fall color than against a blue sky.

Me? I just about go crazy oh-ing and ah-ing at the tremendous variety of color that pounces on my eyeballs this time of year.  Cool air, clear skies, and fall color – oh Oregon of autumn, you’ve won my heart.  On my treks out and across town I’m constantly amazed and wowed by the show.  At home it’s the native vine maple (Acer circinatum) that has my affection. Not the showiest of trees but there’s so much I appreciate about its display.

First, it surprises me with how it colors. I’ve three vine maples in my yard and each one does its own thing. One is orange and red, one is orange and brown, the third is yellow. And regardless of  color, as they hue-up the intricate serrations and veins are ever more evident.

Second, there’s the delicate dance the leaves choreograph in the breeze. Light little wobbles and flits of highly skilled dancers. None of the clumsy rattling and knocking about of the less talented fall leaves.

And then, there’s the way the leaves drop from the tree, wafting ever so gently to the soil. Or was that a late-molting goldfinch alighting on the ground? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.


2 thoughts on “One For Wednesday – 10-23-13

  1. What a wonderful photo! I find the fall (or autumn as we call it) a season of mixed emotions. It is pretty and the heat of summer starts to fade into lovely balmy temperatures, but it also means that winter is on its way 😦

    • I know many rue the coming of winter; I celebrate it. I love autumn and winter. I love spring and summer too but some of the best memories of my life took place in the cooler months of the year. I also get to look forward to some time by the fire, reading, knitting, and sipping tea.

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