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This week it was announced that the US Winter Olympic Team would be festooned in all US produced clothing. Not only is the clothing from the US but the fiber itself is too. In fact, it’s from one of my very favorite local fleeces – wool from the Imperial Stock Ranch. I love their wool more than ever having knit 2 more sweaters, and numerous hats and gloves with it. So, in honor of that announcement, I thought I’d reblog this post I did a couple of years ago.


A few years ago a started knitting. I’d learned as a child but never developed the skill. This time around when I started I was just looking for something to do when I was watching (too much) TV. I’ve thankfully weaned myself off of the tele and am into knitting now in a big way.

Not long after I started I set the goal of learning to knit socks.  Living with a contrarian, I’m often reminded that the conveniences of modern life may not always be available. If (or when) the economy really crashed, society would take a big turn and we’d be living in a world with fewer industrial niceties. Somehow, for me making socks symbolized my ability to be self-sufficient in that new reality. I had the crazy (or was it brilliant?) notion that if I could knit socks I would never be without in the world. I’d…

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3 thoughts on “Local Wear

  1. Okay, the sister I mentioned before, who scuba dives– she and my mother got into knitting hardcore recently (again, for Mom). Haven’t seen either of them knit socks (I think Mom said it was rather hard).

    Local materials is a great thing. Is it merino wool? And… do you know how to knit socks now, then?

    • The sheep at Imperial Stock Ranch are a special breed that’s well adapted to the sage brush country of the Columbia Plateau – they are Columbia sheep. They’re also one of the breeds that is good for both meat and fiber – many breeds are bred to be good for either or.

      Socks are intimidating at first but once you learn and do one sock, they become pretty easy. The skills sock knitting taught me propelled me onto other advanced items.It’s been a couple of years since that post and not only can I knit socks, but mittens too and now even create my own patterns for those and for my hats and sweaters.

      • Wow… that IS local! I may need to see if I can turn my mother on to that. Or… perhaps I can come up with something to barter to you for socks. Right now all I can offer is some awesome Italian grape jelly– I forget the variety of wine grape.

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