spring 2013 224

Once upon a time I stood tall and straight, feet firmly planted in a future of hope and usefulness. I was purpose-built but saw my potential beyond that destiny. While the steady westerly winds sculpted those around me, my identity was of one unflappable, indestructible, iron-clad child. Oh, I was a sight, so handsome and admired.

But time passed and with it my utility. Decommissioned and left to decay, left to the devices of aging and weather, I still stood with my identity, grasping my dignity, unwilling to surrender by value.

spring 2013 225Looking in the mirror tells me I’m old. I know my feet are no longer on solid footing. I see the results of days, and months, and years of abrasive breezes and rains.  But, I hold fast to the hope I will still be seen by others as I still see myself: unique, gritty, and strong.

And appreciated.
spring 2013 223



4 thoughts on “Purpose-built

    • Just keep in mind that there’s really nothing you can do about it. If is the way of things. You may appreciate the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi as you try to gain acceptance of that. It espouses nature’s authentic beauty by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

      • I wasn’t familiar with wabi-sabi specifically, but studying philosophical Taoism… I’ve seen that many of the Eastern paths focus on impermance and acceptance of the way of things, as you said.

        (I admit I did a “quick and dirty” search on Wikipedia– makes sense that wabi-sabi has a Buddhist influence.)

        So… I know, but embracing this truth is still difficult for me. It’s hard when I have seen flashes of enlightenment but realize I’m still on the journey. I’m sure in time, my attitude will improve.

      • Ah, but that IS part of the journey, no? If it was all easy would the destination be so compelling? Well, maybe it would but I suspect that those things that are hard to attain are the most valued. Keep on your path, you’ll get there…or somewhere else that’s equally delightful.

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