The Cork

 for my fabulous cousin

beach 064bwDon’t wash me up on a sandy shore
To view the same scene day after day

after day

Send me out into the straight
Mix me with the tides and turbulence

and flotsam

Break waves atop my poor bobbing soul
Make me gasp,  feel the breadth and depth

of life 

Roll me in the surf until I’m waterlogged
Saturate each cell with the saline

natal brew

I will then know the view from the benthic depths
And I will be in it

for always.


4 thoughts on “The Cork

  1. oops! Now I committed a Faux pas by signing my name to the comment. I guess that means I can’t hide behind a pseudonym. Sigh,. I guess I am just stuck being me.

  2. Only a “fabulous cousin” such as yourself could ever write such poetry as that. You are not as passive as a cork in your life, though. You do not just let the tides carry you where they will. You listen to the wind, feel the currents, smell the footsteps and trails of those who have come before you….and then set you own sail to ride a course YOU chose. I am glad to sail on this ship along with you for some of your journey.

    • So true, I get to decide whether to turn into the waves or which end is up but life does tend to bring things I can’t control…including the gift of lovely family and friends (or the two in one in your case). Thanks for being an important part of my crew!

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