Where the wood elf works

Breitenbush 128bw

Out in the woods, the wood elf works. Matters not the season except he prefers to work in private. So the only one I’ve ever met, I met on this cold winter’s day.

Stumble upon him by walking silently down a snowy path and he’ll behave humanlike, mostly. Still, when you meet him you’ll wonder just who it is you’ve met. He’s pleasant enough; affable yet brief in his replies. You’ll sense he’s kind but prefers to work undisturbed. After you carry on, you’ll figure out it was a wood elf not a man. If you are lucky enough to make eye contact during your chat, you’ll know this.

He’ll pause in his work as you pass, waiting until you’ve departed to resume his woodsman work. He must have secrets to keep after all. The sound of his hand saw rises as you stride away. His stewardship for the woods continues. You’ll know then that the woods is full of many mysterious and magical things. Maybe not just things either. It’s full of magical moments too, especially on a cold but sunny afternoon when you meet a wood elf at work.



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