Hints of why you were here

You arrived in 1866 with your plow , barbed wire, and dreams.

2015 Gorge 088bw

2015 Gorge 072cbw

And those dreams held for a spell, just like the rough-hewn fence posts you worked into the rocky soil.

2015 Gorge 070bw

But fence posts lean, and oak saplings outgrow their usefulness for stringing wire.

2015 Gorge 076bw

And the wind blows. It blows hard until your dreams desiccate.

Those remnant hopes of yours pass on through three families

until they are locked out for good.

2015 Gorge 103bw

Your  fine Victorian home’s windows are boarded over or shattered

and  hidden behind a wind row gone wild.2015 Gorge 092bw

Vermin, owls and pigeons inhabit a drafty barn, once warmed with feeding cattle.

2015 Gorge 099bw

Your proud barn, is wind warped and paint peeled: a curiosity for nosey travelers.

Are those marmots under its footings?

2015 Gorge 110bw

There is no outgoing mail.

But the wind remains whispering hints of why you were here.2015 Gorge 093bw


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