I used to mountain bike a lot. Not slow, but not the fastest either, I was often eating the dust of those in front of me – having the time of my life and smiling through my muddy lips. I’m a geographer, athlete, urbanite, and artist; no one moniker sums up who I am but I try to keep smiling through all the dirt that comes my way. I tend toward tree-hugging, liberal views and am generally a pacifist.

Peregrination includes observations from my travels and interests  (including natural sciences, geomorphology, ornithology, botany, math, knitting, books, bikes, and many other topics) with some of the other things I think about: peace, conservation, social interactions, and psychology. Posts may include travel tips, book reviews, science trivia, and social commentary; communicated through original essays, poems, art, photos, and short stories.

Happy Reading

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  2. Slow or fast what matters is we try our best to live our life in the most fun and meaningful way like when you wrote, “having the time of my life and smiling through my muddy lips.” And the awesome journy begins….thanks.

  3. Hi Barb!! Thanks for subscribing to my blog — didn’t know you had one, too. (recognized your ‘chillaxing’ feet). Cool beans. xxK

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