Green vs Red

Wildwood 005

I’m setting sail for a small adventure: a long overdue sojourn to the desert. It’s not that wildness is absent locally, just that is it all green and I’m yearning for red. Those of you familiar with the color wheel know that red and green are complimentary colors. So, the time ahead in the red rock deserts of the American Southwest will perhaps balance my life out a bit.

Wildwood 008

Here in the Northwest the green season is peaking. Despite a fairly dry winter and spring our forests, our wild places are still predominantly green. Green of any shade of green you can imagine. It’s all here.

Wildwood 013Occasional splashes of color in the woods and on the mountain tops add a bit of variety. But the matrix in which those colors are laid, still green. At times it is overwhelming. At times one needs a change – especially us nomadic types.

So look forward to contrast when I next post. I’ll soak up the reds of every hue, take greetings from a NW corvid to those birds of dry lands, and return home with some sandstone under my fingernails…until then, may your peregrinations be pleasantly surprising.

Wildwood 031